2. Soundtrack to rehearsal set up= heroin by velvets


  3. Shuffle likes my best buddy Joe’s new EP. He just moved to Richmond, but he’s in town tonight to play a show with Wood Ear and Adam Thorn’s new band. It’s happening at the Cave. Starts at 10pm. I’ll be playing bass with this naughty gentleman.


  4. The single from Joe’s new EP. <3<3

  5. A special Joe Norkus (full band) show is on the horizon. Details here.

  6. A collaborative drawing done this past weekend. Ross did most of it. Clare did the fire. And I provided the background.

  7. huselettheblogsout:

    The antenna tower.

    It was a great weekend of ACC Tourney viewing thanks to this tower we made at the Trekky house.

  8. huselettheblogsout:

    Watching the ACC tournament: pizza from Amante, a sub from Jimmy John’s, a PB&J, scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, granola with extra almonds, Bullpen from Carolina Brewery, press pot of Brazilian Intelligentsia, popcorn, Budweiser, and chips and dip from Moe’s.

  9. Playin lead guitar with Joe tomorrow night. 

  10. Trekky’s mixtape is out today. We’re on there and you can hear songs from the soon-to-be-released Lost in the Trees and Midtown Dickens albums on there. Trekky store for a $3 cassette and download. Bandcamp for a name-your-price download.